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Cochin to Goa - South India Bike Trip

A Cochin to Goa bike trip is a great way to explore the Konkan coast-way. Nothing beats its lovely serenity and you’ll definitely remember this trip for the rest of your life. When going from Cochin to Goa on motorcycle, do keep in mind that there are three sections in this trip, divided between Kerala, Karnataka, and Goa. Let’s take a look at all the specificities of these sections so that you know what to expect when you’re a part of Cochin to Goa motorcycle tours!

The first section of the trip occurs in Kerala. Here, you will drive at least 400 kms to get the proper feel of the entire state. Your itinerary will take you through multiple places like:

Cochin --->Ooty--->Mysore

The best part about this section of the bullet Cochin to Goa bike trip is that 90% of the roads are stunning and easy to drive on. Only while driving from Calicut to Kannur, you’ll experience a slightly rocky terrain, which is also fun.

The second section of the trip occurs in Karnataka. Here, you will drive at least 537 kms. It’s a beautiful state to travel through and you’ll get to see a lot. Your itinerary should take you through places like the following:


The last section of the trip takes place from Badami to Goa. You will get to drive for 238 kms and can see wonderful sights. The itinerary will take you through:


Now you see why (Kochi) Cochin to Goa motorcycle trip packages are so popular? The best part is the Cochin to Goa by bike cost covers the overnight stay!

Start : Cochin
Finish : Goa
Shortest Ride : 145 Kms- 3 Hours
Longest Ride : 285 Kms - 7 Hours
Rest Days : Goa
Accommodation : Comfortable hotels
Total Distance covered on the tour : 1200 Kilometers
Main Highlights of the tour : Historical sites , temples and beaches

Rider: US$ 2270
Pillion: US$ 1280
Single Room Occupancy: US$ 970 Extra
Best Tour Season: JULY - APRIL