Leh Ladakh Motorcycle Tour

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip
duration 11 Nights / 12 Days

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Destinations: Delhi - Shimla - Manali - Jispa - Sarchu - Leh - K ...more Delhi - Shimla - Manali - Jispa - Sarchu - Leh - Khardunga La - Nubra Valley - Pangyong TSO - Leh Himis - Thikesy - Alchi - Delhi less
Leh Ladakh Motorcycle tour
US$ 1420
duration 11 Nights / 12 Days

Leh Ladakh Motorcycle tour

Destinations: Delhi - Shimla - Manali - Jispa - Sarchu - Leh - K ...more Delhi - Shimla - Manali - Jispa - Sarchu - Leh - Khardunga La - Nubra Valley - Pangyong TSO - Leh Himis - Thikesy - Alchi - Delhi less
Himalayan Motorcycle Tour
US$ 1080
duration 08 Days / 07 Nights

Himalayan Motorcycle Tour

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Ladakh Kashmir Motorcycle Tour with Taj Mahal
US$ 1440
duration 14 Nights / 15 Days

Ladakh Kashmir Motorcycle Tour with Taj Mahal

Destinations: Delhi - Pathankot - Patnitop - Srinagar - Kargil ...more Delhi - Pathankot - Patnitop - Srinagar - Kargil - Leh - Khardungla pass - Nubra - Pangong - Leh - Sarchu - Manali - Chandigarh - Delhi - Agra - Back Home less
Ladakh Himalaya & Spiti Valley Motorcycle Tour
US$ 1440
duration 13 Night / 14 Days

Ladakh Himalaya & Spiti Valley Motorcycle Tour


Leh Ladakh Motorcycle Tour

Leh Ladakh: Experience an adventurous bike trip to serenity

Life can be monotonous if there are no exciting and thrilling trips. Going on an exhilarating bike trip is one of the best ways to distress yourself and break the monotony. To plan a bike trip to Ladakh can be a thrilling experience as it leads to a pathway to serenity. This town of Qualcomm is one of India’s most beautiful and adventurous places to explore while riding a bike. The unique landscapes and delightful views of Ladakh envelop the bike riders.

Moreover, the highest passes and twisting roads attract ardent bike riders. One can easily immerse oneself in the beauty of the great Himalayas and experience the mystical charm of Leh Ladakh while on a thrilling bike tour. However, to plan a Ladakh motorcycle tour, it is essential to find the right helping hand. Motorcycle Tours India offers everything that caters to the demand of bike riders. With us, you can embark on a Ladakh journey that will leave you with a bag full of memories and new experiences.

Why travel to Leh Ladakh on a bike?

A lot of people think twice about getting on a Ladakh motorbike trip. However, the experience of traveling to Ladakh on a bike can be exhilarating than you expect. Ladakh is an undeveloped yet breathtaking tourist place. It is situated between the great Himalayas. Witnessing the rough valleys, meandering roads, beautiful cultural life filled with vibrancy and charm, etc. on your bike will leave you spellbound. Plus, the unique travel spots in Leh Ladakh can be explored up close and personal on a bike. So, getting on a Leh-Ladakh motorcycle trip can be the best decision you can make.

How does Motorcycle Tours India help plan a Ladakh motorcycle trip?

Here is how Motorcycle Tours India can help you plan a bike trip to Ladakh:

•      We pick the best time to plan a Ladakh trip

First things first, it is imperative to select the right time to plan a Ladakh motorbike trip. The best time to travel to Ladakh on a bike is from May to September. During that time, the roads are open and the weather is pleasant. The daytime ranges from 15 degrees C to 25 degrees C, and at night it drops to -5 degrees C. Planning a bike tour to Leh Ladakh can be a wise decision.

•      We select the best bike for the Ladakh motorcycle tour

It is essential to choose the best bike for your Ladakh expedition that is solid and can handle the rough terrain as well as the high altitude of Leh Ladakh. The best bike that you can select for the Leh-Ladakh trip could be the Royal Enfield. We offer premium range of Royal Enfield bikes in good condition and properly serviced for your bike tour to Ladakh.

•      We take care of all the essential travel permits

Before planning bike tours to Ladakh, you need to have essential travel permits. People residing in India need to have an inner-line permit. This permit is important to enter specific areas in Ladakh. Also, for foreign nationals, it is essential to have a Protected Area Permit. The licenses can be gained from the LAHDC, or Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, office or online. Our team ensures that you have all the travel permits before starting your journey.

•      We offer beautiful accommodation options

We ensure that you are getting beautiful accommodation options. There are many budget-friendly as well as luxury accommodation options in Leh Ladakh. We also offer an option for camping at scenic locations in Leh Ladakh.

What destinations do we cover?

Motorcycle Tours India ensures that you enjoy your bike trip Leh Ladakh, via the most convenient and popular route. It broadly involves:

•      Delhi

•      Manali

•      Rohtang Pass

•      Keylong

•      Jispas

•      Sarchu

•      Leh

•      Khardung La

•      Nubra Valley

•      Pangong Tso

•      Hanle

•      Tso Moriri

•      Sarchu

•      Manali

•      Delhi

What safety and precautions to follow during the bike tour Leh Ladakh?

There are certain safety precautions to follow to have a hassle-free bike trip to Leh Ladakh, such as:

•      Acclimatization

The high altitude of Ladakh can lead to mountain sickness. So, precautions and time for acclimatization are essential. Bike riders need to take a break for one day or two after reaching Leh. This will help in getting used to the high altitude. Also, ensure that you are consuming proper water and staying away from alcohol or smoking.

•      Proper clothing and bike gear

Leh-Ladakh weather is unpredictable, and sudden changes can occur at any time. This is why you should pack proper clothing like warm gloves, thermal wear, a windproof jacket, etc. Also, carry proper bike gear including riding boots, a helmet, a first-aid kit, etc.

•      Leh-Ladakh road conditions

Another thing to be taken care of is Ladakh roads. They can be challenging as they are paved and unpaved with hairpin bends, etc. So, try to drive with caution and at the suggested speed.

Don’t forget about your budget and other expenses.

While planning Leh-Ladakh bike tour packages, it is essential to ponder upon your budget and expenses. Here is what you should think about:

•      Bike rental

The cost of bike rental can vary from bike to bike. You can rent a bike as per your budget. However, the bike's robustness plays a key role.

•      Your fuel expenses

Long distances as well as high-altitude terrain can lead to extra fuel expenses. So, ensure that you are carrying extra fuel to avoid any unwanted fuel issues in remote areas of Leh Ladakh.

•      Food and lodging expenses

You also need to think about food and lodging expenses for a bike tour Leh Ladakh. Depending on the type of accommodation and food choices, you can plan your budget. There are many budget-friendly and luxurious accommodations and food options in Leh Ladakh.

•      Other expenses

Don’t overlook miscellaneous expenses when planning a Leh Ladakh road trip. It involves emergency cash, an application fee, souvenir purchases, etc. Thus, try to carry some extra cash as a backup.

Other tips to follow when planning the Leh to Ladakh road trip

•      Try to pack minimally.

•      Always wear your traveling gear while riding.

•      Carry your driver’s license and photo ID.

•      Carry two or three leather coats to fight against the wind and cold breeze.

•      Carry durable boots or trekking boats.

•      Don’t forget your first aid or bike tool kit for Leh Ladakh bike riding.

•      Always carry a Swiss army knife, torch, HD camera, camping gear, etc.

•      Carry high-SPF sunscreen.

Why choose Motorcycle Tours India?

Planning a bike tour to Leh Ladakh on your own can be hard. But getting help from Motorcycle Tours India can lessen your travelling burden. We are one of the entrusted adventure tour companies that offer tremendous Leh Ladakh bike tour packages. Since 2006, we have served more than 10,000 clients. Also, we have over 20 years of experience with 20,000+ top hosts and 50+ top destinations. Along with that, we offer:

•      Unique destinations

•      Value for money

•      Exquisite places

•      Quick booking method

•      Reliable support team

With us, you can get:

•      Customizable Ladakh bike trip packages

•      Road experts

•      We serve domestic and international clients

•      Experts with wider knowledge

We don’t leave any stone unturned to make your trip to Ladakh an unforgettable experience by offering fully-managed Leh Ladakh bike tour packages.


1. When is the right time to travel to Leh Ladakh?

For bike ride in Ladakh, May to September is the best time.

2. Can Motorcycle Tours India offer a customizable itinerary for Leh Ladakh?

Yes, we offer customizable Leh Ladakh bike trip packages.

3. Is it necessary to carry extra fuel while traveling to Ladakh?

We do take care of it but as a solo traveler one must carry extra fuel when travelling to Ladakh.