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Many travellers today want to be a part of a Himalayan motorcycle tour as it allows then to explore the beauty of the majestic mountains in a way that they’ve never done before. However, even though such trips are very popular, most people are ill-prepared to be a part of them as they don’t truly understand everything it entails.

Most Himalayan motorcycle tours follow the route of Delhi - Leh - Nubra - Turtuk - Nubra - Pangong - Leh - Delhi. Our Himalayan motorcycle adventure takes you all of these places, which is why you must be prepared to ride to all sorts of terrains. While you can always rent a bike in Delhi, you must bring along certain things in order to be fully prepared for our Himalayan moto tours. Some of these things are as follows:
Hiking boots or biking boots are a must when it comes to motorcycling through the Himalayas. A basic pair of sports shoes just won’t be durable enough for you!
Even though our Himalayan bike ride package includes food, you must carry small snacks with you that you can munch along the way. Granola bars, chocolates and nuts are great options as they are easy to carry and eat.
Thermal wear or warm inners are also something that you cannot live without when you are on a Himalayan motorbike tour.
When we take people on a bullet ride to Himalayas, we carry a first aid kit. But, we also advise people to carry their own first aid kit, just in case its required. A basic set of bandages, anti-infectant like Dettol/Savlon, and gauze should be okay.
Carrying appropriate outer wear, such as a wind cheater jacket that keeps you warm, is very important. This is because when you are in a royal enfield Himalayan tour, the high winds can be quite chilly and they can make you fall sick.
Make sure you carry light and minimal clothing. The heavier your bag will be, the harder it will be to drive down the hilly roads when in a bullet motorbike tour in Himalayan India.
Driving across the Himalayas is not easy, which is why you must prepare well. Practice riding your bike before embarking on your trip as it will be a long journey and you’ll need that practice!
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  • Grade: Moderate to Tough
  • Best Season: June - Sep
  • Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Nubra - Turtuk - Nubra  - Pangong - Leh - Delhi